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You Wouldn't Put A bandaid on your health. So don't put one on your mindset.

Become a NLP Nutritionist

Learn the tools to create magnetic client connections, bust through their limiting beliefs, and initiate life changing transformations.

The most successful health coaches have more than one healing modality

This course is for you if...

  • You’re a Nutritionist or Health Coach who knows mindset is important to health
  • You want to stand out as a coach and offer more IMPACT
  • You get frustrated when clients aren’t complying with protocols you spent HOURS on
  • You’ve seen limiting beliefs get in the way of healing, and you are itching to help
  • You’re OVERWHELMED by the amount of info out there about mindset and where to start
  • You want to learn how to get inside your clients’ head, and understand them on a deeper level. 
  • You want to generate more results, get more referrals, and ultimately make more 💰💰💰
  • You selfishly want these tools to bust through your own mindset blocks (no shame in that game!!)

As a NLP Nutritionist You'll Learn How TO

Create mesmerizing client connections

Create deep rapport

Learn sexy sales strategies

Increase client compliance

Identify limiting beliefs and emotions

The "AHA" moment!

Find what is keeping you and your clients stuck

Transform and create self serving habits

Learn proven techniques to make lifelong habit change and impact 

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is the study of how the mind works, how it stores information, and how we access it. NLP was developed in the 1970's buy Richard Bandler and John Grinder.  It is formed around the model that our brains act as biological computers. These computers run software representing the thoughts and words we use to communicate. 

Essentially if we can change the way we think and talk, we can change our reality. 

NLP also harnesses the power of the subconscious mind, and techniques to change the old, outdated software running our "computers." 

NLP is most often known for :

  • Improving means of communication
  • Teaching the art of maintaining rapport, persuasion , and understanding personalities
  • Creating new behaviors
  • Eliminating unwanted patterns
  • Enhancing overall wellbeing 



Meet Your Trainer

Kara Halderman NTP & NLP Master Practitioner

When I started my business as an NTP I was so excited. I was certain my clients would be doing backflips after switching to real whole foods. 

That wasn't exactly the case...

Let's just say they were doing summersaults instead (any tumblers in the house?).

The food, supplements and lifestyle advice helped, some immensely, but it seemed like with every win there was a backhanded hurdle. 

I noticed things like anxiety, frustration, guilt, shame and other limiting beliefs really interfered with healing. They stayed blinded by the traumas of their past (rightfully so) and this kept them in a cycle of pain.

I felt for them. 

So I began using my decade of training in NLP with every client.

Together we dissolved self sabotaging patterns and created new ones. For many, patterns that kept them in victim-hood cycle. 

That's why you're here.

You crave a deeper connection with your clients.

You see potential in yourself and others and are ready to go beyond food.

Imagine what It will be like to create quantum shifts in your clients that go beyond food, and into the rest of their lives. 

Not to mention, you'll learn the tools to break through your own blocks.

See you in the course,


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